LHI Audio – ST4b v1.0.3

ST4b is a multi-band transient shaper, but cooler To put it bluntly, if you were not enthusiastic about transient shapers or never found a use for them, then this transient shaper for you. It gives you the ability to change sounds in a way that no other instrument can, no matter what genre you work in, whether your material is sampled or synthesized.

ST4b’s own detection algorithm allows you to control even the fastest attacks – electronic drums, fouls, raindrops, even single sample impulses (if you’re into it). It’s precise enough to make even the maximum gain or cut of 45dB sound crisp and clear, and the intelligent autogain means you don’t have to constantly adjust the gain level. The ST4b does all this with minimal CPU overhead and only 2 samples of latency.

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