MAGIX – Samplitude Pro X7 Suite x64 x86

Samplitude Pro X provides recording and mixing engineers with practical features that will revolutionize the standard DAW workflow. Edit in real time while recording. Apply the effects of your choice to individual clips. Visualize volume, frequency, and phase information for selected tracks. Use batch processing to automatically edit multiple files at the same time.

New in Samplitude Pro X7:
■ Improved transition editor. The new transition editor allows you to edit the mutual transitions between objects in great detail, even using only the keyboard.
■ Redesigned track editor. The track editor has been made more intuitive, with essential elements for aux sends, track effects, and automation now all in one section.
■ Single export window. The File > Export… menu commands for exporting to various audio formats and the Advanced export window and the mixing of tracks are combined in a new window.
■ Redesigned mixer that supports window docking. Now the mixer can be pinned. Its elements adapt to the new space automatically.
■ Plug-in for connecting hardware effects. External hardware effects are now conveniently integrated into the project using a special plug-in.
■ MIDI plugins. MIDI plug-ins, such as sequencers, arpeggiators, or chord utilities, can now be used along with virtual instruments on a track.
■ The Plugin Browser supports window docking. Now a simplified version of the Plugin Browser can always be kept open as a docked window. From it you can drag and drop effects onto tracks and objects.
■ Select input for rendering. The input signal to be displayed on the visualization can now be selected directly from the visualization context menu.
■ PreSonus FaderPort support. Samplitude now supports PreSonus FaderPort V2 and higher controllers out of the box (FaderPortV2, FaderPortV2 8, FaderPortV2 16). For details, open the “PreSonus FaderPort Support in Samplitude EN.pdf” document in the program folder.
■ Support Softtube Console 1.
What’s new in version
1. Install the program (Setup.exe)
2. Install the update (Update.exe)
3. Copy and replace the contents of the Crack folder (folder ” Protein ” and file ” Sam_x64.exe ” to the folder with the installed program
Block with firewall.
4. Install the cracker if you wish.

About Russifier
Russifier is intended for Samplitude Pro X7 (Suite) version and includes translation of the interface, manuals, online help, including on built-in plug-ins and tools, and additional materials. To open Russian-language help, click ?, Help, or press F1 in any program window.

What’s new:
• Localization into Russian adapted to the changes in the new version;
• Translated document Samplitude Pro X7 New Features.pdf describing the new features of X7;
• Translated document PreSonus FaderPort Support in Samplitude RU.pdf describing support for PreSonus controllers;
• Improved design of Manual_RU.pdf;
• Corrections and improvements in the translation of the program interface and help files.

Close Samplitude before installing crack. If the crack is being installed for the first time, restart the PC at the end so that the Cyrillic characters are displayed correctly in the program. Do not install this crack to a version other than the specified one.
After installation, shortcuts to materials in Russian will be added to the desktop.

To return to English, select Help > Language > English. You can select the Russian language in the same menu with the Automatic command (if it doesn’t work, reinstall the crack). It is not required to remove the crack through the control panel.
If the characters in the program are displayed incorrectly (“crazy”), run CodepagesRUS.bat in the program folder as an administrator and restart the computer. If Hebrew characters are displayed, run CodepagesORIG.cmd in the program folder as an administrator, then also run CodepagesRUS.bat and restart your computer.

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