Maizesoft Maize Sampler v2.24

MaizesoftMaizeSampler -

Maize Sampler is a complete VST sampler. All you have to do is assign samples to notes and play them as usual. Maize Sampler will play samples according to the assignments. Maize Sampler supports switchable, multi-layer, key-triggered groups. A total of 16 sampler channels can be used and each of them supports 32 voice polyphony. In addition, there are volume envelopes and built-in equalizer and reverb. One of the key features of Maize Sampler is the ability to distribute itself (VSTi export) so that users can easily share with friends.
– Switching between 12 independent layers
– Streaming work with a disk
– Ability to load instruments in the EXS24 sampler format
– Assigning samples, assigning different layers to different key pressures, looping samples
– 16 channels, 4 stereo outputs, 32 voice polyphony
– Supports bit depth sampling of samples from 8 to 24 bits
– Built-in reverb and equalizer
– Independent mode
– Combined groups, trigger mode after the key
is released – Converter from the SoundFont format
– Sample preview

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