[Mix With The Masters] Deconstruction A Mix #49 – Os Young “Omygah”

Grammy Award-winning engineer discovering the song in the live comment section of Twitch found himself working on a downtempo hip-hop track for a self-taught independent artist. Driven by his love for great music, Leslie invites us into his private studio to watch him mix a track in real time, from start to finish.

In this series of videos, Leslie focused almost entirely on vocals. You’ll learn how he improves an artist’s performance using simple yet effective techniques. Minor timing tweaks and basic signal processing add a signature groove that completely changes the sound and feel of the song. Having tuned in to his own wave, Leslie dials his trademark low-end in a matter of seconds, and all the parts fall into place.

Beyond the mixing process, you’ll discover Leslie’s incredible gift for communication and focus. He shares invaluable wisdom on how to build an artist’s confidence and get to the heart of a mix without distraction. Simple at first glance, this series is a reminder of how simple mixing can be when you focus on the essentials.

1. Project origins, studio psychology, lead vocal processing
2. Sculpting low-end, mix bus processing, vocal editing
3. Mixing philosophies, ITB vs analog summing, learning new techniques

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