[Mix With The Masters] Inside The Track #55 – Slowthai ft. James Blake “Feel Away”


We area unit very happy to gift the premiere of the MWTM series with the leading name of British gm music Michalis “MsM” Michael! This footage, shot at his hybrid studio in London, dives deep into the blending techniques employed in Slowthai’s 2020 single “Feel Away” that includes James painter and Mount Kimby. gap a professional Tools combining session, MsM reveals its favorite ways in which to maximise perceived volume, add flicker, scale back sharpness, improve transients, and more. on the far side this post, he shares key aspects of his typical hybrid progress. MsM provides Associate in Nursing unbiased opinion concerning the benefits of digital and analog tools, compares hybrid and ITB mixes, and discusses the everyday stages of the project up to mastering!

1. Deliverables, template, clipping, gain staging, hybrid setup, converters, analog vs. digital
2. Rough mix, dynamic vary, streaming services, loudness artefacts, low finish management
3. Console emulation, harmonic saturation, data processing, transient style, de-essing
4. Vocal effects, cleaning, harshness, multi-band atomic weight, shimmer, perspective, masteringAs area unit missing subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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