Mixwave – Gojira – Mario Duplantier (KONTAKT)

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Drum Library

Additional Information
The iconic, heavy-hitting sound of Gojira’s Mario Duplantier
Raw, powerful, and uncompromising, Mario Duplantier’s ability and style have shaped himself and Gojira into staples of the metal world.
As varied and versatile as his compositions, Mario’s sound and spirit have been captured and turned into a tool for creators and fans of the band to utilize, ready to conquer any task.
MixWave is thoroughly excited to present Gojira: Mario Duplantier.
Production perfect drums
Get Mario’s entire arsenal mix ready out of the box.
Featuring 5 drums with 3 different snare options, and 9 cymbals with 2 china options all mixed at MixWave Studios.
…and more
With an unprecedented amount of features, tools, and controls, MixWave: Gojira – Mario Duplantier can live up to any task

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