Musik Hack – Master Plan v1.5.7

Master Plan is a professional audio mastering workflow that delivers production-ready masters with simple controls: Crystal clear volume, rich analog saturation, phase coherent imaging, physical tape emulation, plus additional tools to patch and monitor your mix.


Master Plan was made to mimic the painstaking steps taken by professional mastering engineers to provide polished, release ready masters. Replace the endless amount of plugins on your master channel with one powerful tool.


Master Plan’s loud knob is a unique marriage of a clipper and limiter. The loudness circuit can often add +4dB to a track without audible distortion. It reacts to unique parameters in your mix, giving you total control of the algorithm’s risk tolerance.


We made the tough decisions for you so you can focus on the ones that matter.
Every control in Master Plan was carefully calibrated to ranges that won’t mess with your mix.
Enjoy the ability to push the controls wherever you want without damaging your mix.


Our critically acclaimed Wide knob increases the stereo depth and ambience while maintaining phase coherence. Crank the wide knob up and listen to your mix surround you, give it just a touch to add some breathing room.


Simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of creative control: make anything from a clean, loud mix to a warm, vibey record. Many AI solutions and single-knob mastering plugins add audible distortion or impact the overall vibe of the track. Master Plan’s subtle changes won’t ruin your mix – turn on Unity and hear for yourself!


Custom presets are designed by Stan Greene as a quick option to finish a project. Choose from True Peak and Loud preset categories based on the project, client, or your own personal philosophy. Save your own presets for later use.


Tracks mastered with Master Plan are consistently chosen by major-label records. Master Plan has been lauded for its musicality and is used across all kinds of genres and projects. Check out our testimonials and see what our users think!

What are you getting
  • Crystal clear volume circuitry: eliminate other limiters and compressors.
  • Finely tuned saturation inspired by analog technology.
  • Serious visualization and tone controls for clarity and creativity.
  • Correction buttons: soften the mix, remove the sharpness, add glue.
  • Emulates real physical tape for a vintage shine.
  • Listening emulation (midrange speakers, mobile, mono, etc.)
  • Download Musik Hack – Master Plan v1.5.7 VST3, AAX x64 [12.07.2024]
  • Original Publisher: Musik Hack
  • Version: 1.5.7
  • Format: VST3, AAX
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Require: WIN 10+
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 117.1 MB

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