Nami – Self-Help Pack (WAV)

I often hear colleagues talk about the need to push the boundaries in production due to the fact that the vast majority of what succeeds today sounds unfettered. However, although the idea and its intentions are noble, they tend to lose the battle as soon as the time comes to implement them. This is my support contribution, providing you with all the instruments/sounds I use to create the music I love. Thanks to the sounds that brought you ease and speed in your workflow, I received several platinum and gold certifications and Grammy nominations. I don’t recommend doing anything by the book, but you can trust it.

Enjoy the cuties
60+ Drum One Shots
50 Essential Drum, Percussion, and Top Loops
22 Exclusive New Samples (+ chop pack)
10 Textures And Effects
10 Vocal Loops And Chants

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