Native Instruments ARKHIS

Overview of ARKHIS: ARKHIS is a cutting-edge composition tool designed for modernist music production. It is compatible with KONTAKT 6.2.2+ and offers high-quality 24-bit 48 kHz stereo audio.

Features of ARKHIS:

  • 90 layerable, state-of-the-art sound sources recorded on Berlin’s renowned Teldex Scoring Stage.
  • Developed in collaboration with instrument pioneer Orchestral Tools.
  • Tailored for creating impactful, atmospheric scores for various projects.
  • Streamlined workflow for composing compelling soundtracks.
  • Versatile instrument layering engine for evolving transitions and on-screen action accents.
  • Extensive collection of orchestral and ensemble sounds for accompaniment.
  • Solo instruments for adding subtle nuances.
  • Unconventional sound sources like water phones and dulcimers for unique textures.
  • Recorded at the legendary Teldex Scoring stage in Berlin, reflecting contemporary cinematic scoring trends.

Technical Details and System Requirements:

  • Requires KONTAKT 6.2.2+.
  • Delivers audio in 24-bit 48 kHz stereo quality.
  • Compatible with MIDI controllers for quick instrument selection and real-time effects.
  • Allows the assignment of three independently modulated layers.
  • Central LFO and FX control for dynamic atmospheric builds and scene variations.
  • One-click instrument switching for a seamless composing experience.

Installation and Activation Process:

  • Follow standard installation procedures for KONTAKT libraries.
  • Activation instructions provided by Orchestral Tools.

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