Native Instruments – CARBON DECAY 1.0.0 Expansion

  • Sound Quality:

    • 24-bit audio quality
    • Stereo recording at 44.1 kHz for crisp and immersive sound

    Brutal Industrial Techno: This expansion pack captures the raw and intense essence of industrial techno music. It’s designed to deliver a wild and aggressive sonic experience.

    Impressive Drum Kits:

    • 49 powerful MASCHINE kits
    • 54 BATTERY kits featuring exceptional drums

    Analog Sound Sources: The expansion includes meticulously sampled and recorded loops and samples. These were captured from analog synthesizers and drum machines and then pressed onto vinyl for an authentic and gritty sound.

    Presets Included:

    • 17 MASSIVE Presets to create massive, industrial sounds
    • 9 MONARK Presets for adding character to your compositions
    • 49 MASCHINE Kits for dynamic music production
    • 54 BATTERY Kits to enhance your drumming experience

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