Native Instruments – Ethereal Earth v2.1.0

Note: Requires Kontakt 7 v7.6.0

The latest version of Ambient Environments, titled Ethereal Earth 2.0, has arrived, and while the exact nature of the update remains somewhat mysterious, it seems to primarily revolve around compatibility with the new Kontakt version. Let’s delve into the specifics and explore any concealed enhancements.

Key Highlights of the Update:

  • Ethereal Earth.nki: This component remains unaltered and continues to require Kontakt version 6.2.1.

  • Ethereal Earth 2.0.nki: With this update, it now necessitates Kontakt version 7.6.0. If you wish to compare, you have the option to retain the previous version of Ethereal Earth 2.0.nki by simply renaming it. Rest assured that all your custom .nki files will seamlessly retain their functionality without necessitating a Kontakt update. If you happen to discern any significant distinctions, please don’t hesitate to share your observations in the dedicated forum topic.

Discover the Ethereal Earth Soundscapes:

Atmospheric Soundscapes and Beyond

Ethereal Earth invites you to embark on a sonic journey through an array of atmospheric sounds. From captivating pads and lush strings to resonant basses and expressive leads, this instrument delivers a diverse palette of ambient environments. Whether you’re crafting evocative soundtracks or ambient compositions, Ethereal Earth offers an inspiring selection of sonic textures.

Hybrid Patches with Creative Effects:

Elevate your soundscapes with hybrid patches that seamlessly combine samples and creative effects. These patches provide an additional layer of depth and innovation, allowing you to explore uncharted sonic territories.

Dozens of Presets and Real-Time Controls:

Ethereal Earth presents you with a wealth of ready-to-use presets, each meticulously designed to spark your creativity. The intuitive interface offers real-time controls, enabling you to shape and mold your sounds with precision and spontaneity.

Part of the Play Series:

Ethereal Earth is part of the renowned Play series, celebrated for its exceptional presets and intuitive interface. With this instrument, you gain access to a world of sonic possibilities, all within a user-friendly framework.

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