Nembrini Audio – Bass Driver & MP1 Pro v1.0.0

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Nembrini Audio was born in 2019 from the experience of Igor Nembrini , who has been involved in building some of the most famous guitar amp plug-ins on the market for well-known companies for over ten years.
Nembrini Audio specializes in the digital reproduction of analog saturation circuits thanks to its proprietary hybrid technology and Igor Nembrini’s experience as a professional session musician and demonstrator.
Emulation begins with digitally accurate reproduction of analog circuitry, the dynamic behavior of each component being carefully modeled and tuned by ear for maximum fidelity to the original sound and the most musical and creamy analog tone in the digital world that only a musician can achieve.

Description of the package (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite)
Bass Driver v1.0.0 : This is a 3-band overdrive/amp simulator based on the SansAmp Bass Driver DI*, with parametric
crossovers to dramatically change bass guitar tone and achieve modern balance and texture.
MP1 Pro v1.0.0 : PROGRAMMABLE TUBE GUITAR AMPLIFIER – The most tonally flexible guitar amp since the 80s NOW plugin.

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