Nembrini Audio – Plugins Bundle v2024.06

Nembrini Audio was born in 2019 thanks to the experience of Igor Nembrini, who has been creating some of the most famous plug-ins on the market for guitar amplifiers for well-known companies for more than ten years. 

Nembrini Audio specializes in the digital reproduction of analog saturation circuits using its proprietary hybrid technology and Igor Nembrini’s experience as a professional session musician and demonstrator. 

Emulations begin with an accurate digital reproduction of analog circuits, the dynamic behavior of each component is carefully simulated and finely tuned by the ear to achieve the utmost fidelity to the original sound and the most musical and creamy analog tone in the digital world, something only a musician can achieve.

Description of included plugins
NA 501 Chorus Echo v1.0.2

Legendary analog warmth: authentic Spring Reverb, classic Tape Delay and lush BBD Chorus in a cutting-edge plugin.

NA 8180 v2.0.2

The benchmark for heavy and rock guitar sounds. If you’re looking for a modern and rich high-gain tone perfect for the most aggressive rock and metal genres, then your search ends here!

NA Bass Hammer v1.0.1

Modeled after the Aguilar Tone Hammer*, it is designed for advanced bass tone shaping and features adaptive gain control, comprehensive EQ tuning, and versatile cabinet modeling.

NA Bg Extasy v1.0.2

Classic, versatile and ecstatic, breathing like boutique high gain amps with endless possibilities.

NA Bst100 V2 v2.0.1

Legendary amplification clarity and modern versatility in one legendary amplifier.

NA Cali Reverb v2.0.0

High Gain Amplifier plugin modeled after Mesa Boogie Rectoveb* 50W head.

NA Divided 11 v1.0.1

Class A tube combo amp with one channel and simple controls for volume, treble, bass and master.

NA IR Loader v1.0.5

An innovative and complete impulse response loader specifically designed for loading your favorite cabinet IR emitters.

NA Nexus v1.1.1

An audio processing tool that offers high-quality audio capabilities both standalone and as plugins.

NA PSA1000 Bundle v1.3.0

A modern recreation of the classic 90’s analog guitar preamp used in recording studios around the world!

NA Shimmer Delay v1.0.3

Ambient Machine combines reverb, pitch shifting and feedback to create extraordinary soundscapes and spaces.

NA Voice DC30 v2.0.0

Capable of enchanting clean sounds and furious overdrives, the Voice DC30 Custom’s signature valve chime blends seamlessly with the subtleties of your playing style, resulting in a true sound.


Unpack all .7z archives and run a batch script of the appropriate format to install all plugins at once.
To install Nexus “STANDALONE”, you must run the installation manually.

  • Download Nembrini Audio – Plugins Bundle v2024.06 SAL, VST, VST3, AAX, x64 [06/08/2024]
  • Original Publisher: Nembrini Audio
  • Version: 2024.06
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Requires: Windows 7+
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 315.9 MB

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