NoiseAsh – Motone Pro Bundle v1.0.0

NoiseAsh Motone Pro Bundle -

Free Download Motone Pro Bundle by NoiseAsh, Version 1.0.0, as an Offline Installer for Windows and Mac OS.

Overview of the Motone Pro Bundle:

The soulful tone of the rare and legendary Hit-Maker. Introducing the Motone Pro Bundle, inspired by one of the rarest, iconic fixed-band proportional Q graphic equalizers. 

It was created by Motown engineers in the 1960s to enhance the sound of their recordings with warm, open and punchy tones, but also made significant contributions to the beginning of a new musical era. Jackson 5, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Vandellas, Commodores, Marvin Gaye and many others. He created the true sound of soul and R’n’B.

Features of the Motone Pro Bundle:

  • MOTONE EQ: A 1960s 7-band EQ that faithfully recreates the warm and punchy tones of the legendary original. It captures the essence of classic hits with soulful frequencies.

  • MOTONE PRO EQ: An upgraded version of the vintage rarity, featuring additional capabilities like midrange and sideband processing, a nuance rejection system (NDS), and a frequency multiplier, offering precise control.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Two versions included: Motone EQ for lighter processors and Motone Pro version with advanced modern capabilities.
  • Delivers the warm, assertive, and soulful tone of a rare, iconic Fixed Band EQ with Proportional Q.
  • Complex interaction between EQ bands and internal clipped filter distortion.
  • Switchable mode between Stepped and Continuous Knob.
  • Mid/side channel processing mode available in Motone Pro EQ.
  • Nuance Deviation System (NDS) for separate Left/Mid and Right/Side channels in Motone Pro EQ.
  • Continuous frequency multiplier to fine-tune your settings.
  • Utilizes an analog modeling engine with anti-aliasing.
  • Customizable and optimized GUI for an efficient workflow.
  • CPU-friendly design ensures smooth performance.

    3 Comments on “NoiseAsh – Motone Pro Bundle v1.0.0”

    1. the plugin does not “see” the license file in the folder that was written, when I go to the folder from Windows, I see that five files were created, …what is wrong?

    2. Je confirme. les fichiers de licence ne sont pas visibles. Ils sont présents sur le bureau, mais aucun n’apparaît dans l’explorateur … Plugin inexploitable.

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