NoiseAsh – Need Preamp & EQ Collection v1.1.2

British-style console preamps and EQs have been the go-to gear since the early days. Queen, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Metallica, Adele, Drake, etc. are just a few examples. They have been used on countless classic platinum albums and are still widely used today, confirming the status of these legendary modules, the much sought after classics that are essential for every mixing/mastering environment. The NEED Preamp and Eq Collection includes 7 outstanding British-style preamp/EQ plugins! They are all extremely accurate end-to-end emulation circuitry that retains every last detail and the true vintage tone of this phenomenal studio equipment.

What is inside?
NEED 533 EQ : A high performance British style analog equalizer with a very pleasant musical tone that doesn’t sound muddy or harsh even at extreme settings.
NEED 84 CONSOLE EQ : A completely improved version of its big brother “NEEDD 73”, with switchable higher frequencies, wide/narrow Q settings, modified filters and a slightly different preamp.
NEED 81 CONSOLE EQ : A very special British style class AB preamp EQ used on countless top platinum classic albums.
NEED 73 CONSOLE EQ:- One of the most famous and coveted Class A British preamps and EQs ever made, packed with the most powerful features.
NEED 31102 CONSOLE EQ : Larger than life, extremely accurate emulation of a classic British EQ console preamp circuit with powerful MS processing.

NEED PREAMPS :- All 4 legendary British style preamps in one package. NEED 73, 84, 81 AND 31102!

product features
– 7 British-style NEED plug-ins in one package: NEED 73, 84, 81 and 31102 console EQs and their separate preamps, NEED 533 EQ.
– Truly faithful reproduction of the circuitry of the legendary British class A and AB preamps.
– Nuance Deviation System (NDS) for separate left/mid and right/side channels.
– Mode of processing the middle / side channel.
– For Need 73 and 84: Class A mic (-80dB to 0dB) and line (+10dB to 0dB) preamplifier with output gain compensation (drive mode).
– For Need 81: Class AB mic (-80dB to 0dB) and line (+10dB to 0dB) preamplifier with output gain compensation (drive mode).
– For Need 31102: Class A microphone (-80 dB to 10 dB), preamp model with output gain compensation (drive mode).
– Additional mid bands for the NEED 73, 84 and 31102 console EQs.
– Custom additional high and low pass filters for the NEED 533 EQ.
– Sophisticated proprietary interaction between filters with legendary musical curves.
– The mechanism of analog modeling of anti-aliasing.
– Optimized resizable GUI for an efficient workflow.
– A friend of the processor.

Note :- Use CrossOver to use Activator on mac.

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