Oversampled – Pancz Multiband Transient Shaper 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AU (macOS)


Multiband Transient Shaper.
Pancz is associate degree audio plagin equipped with a robust multi-band transient former, clipping tool, precise wave form instrument and extra tone manipulation effects. It uses subtle sound process to directly management the form of the sound. With a convenient wave form window and “cut line”, you’ll be able to visually management the sound, creating it look and sound the manner you would like. further sets of controls can bring your sounds to life, creating them refined and skilled.
Pancz is provided with a rigorously elect combination of tools: multi-band transient shaper, soft clipper/limiter, wave form instrument and extra tone manipulation effects. All the weather work fantastically along, providing you with management you ne’er had.
Pancz will produce punchy transients, creating your sounds stronger and easier pushing the combo. It additionally works the opposite manner around. It will build loud and aggravating transzints less sounding and additional manageable.