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Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx clipper -

Introducing Brainworx bx_clipper: Your Solution for Clipping with Uncompromising SoActivatorund Quality

When it comes to combating clipping while maintaining exceptional sound quality, Brainworx bx_clipper stands as the ultimate solution. With its easy-to-use interface and unparalleled performance, bx_clipper equips you with the tools needed to achieve pristine audio results.

Key Features and Characteristics:

  • Mastering Precision: Craft masters with competitive volume levels while preserving the clarity of your sound. bx_clipper skillfully trims waveform peaks that exceed a defined threshold level (Ceiling), enabling you to create mixes that play louder without introducing the undesirable effects of clipped pumping.

  • Limiter’s Best Friend: Whether positioned at the end of your mastering chain, before or after a limiter, bx_clipper becomes your limiter’s newfound ally. It aids in the creation of modern, crystal-clear mixes that rival industry standards in terms of density and volume, bridging the gap between loud and super loud.

  • Clipping Customization: bx_clipper’s clipping mechanism offers two distinct modes. FET mode delivers a smooth and natural sound, while Diode mode introduces a more aggressive distortion. Combined with the plugin’s Ceiling and Knee controls, you gain access to a spectrum of clipping effects, from soft to hard.

  • Maximize Volume, Minimize Distortion: The Auto Ceiling feature in bx_clipper intelligently analyzes peak levels within your audio signal and automatically sets the plugin’s Ceiling level. This empowers you to maximize perceived loudness while effectively minimizing unwanted distortion, allowing you to create exceptionally loud masters without compromising the mix’s integrity.

  • Precision with Auto Trim: The Auto Trim function evaluates the root mean square difference between the input and processed signals, automatically adjusting bx_clipper’s output level. This ensures accurate loudness comparisons and addresses summing-related peaks that may occur in instrument groups, maintaining mix balance.

  • M/S Processing: Leverage bx_clipper’s dual mono and M/S operating modes for advanced stereo control. This functionality allows you to apply distinct clipping effects to the left and right channels, offering nuanced stereo adjustments. Achieve clarity by using a more aggressive Diode mode on the sides and a softer FET mode in the stereo center.

  • Analog Warmth and Digital Versatility: Combining the best of analog circuitry with digital design, bx_clipper delivers a unique blend of warmth and precision. Features like Ambience allow you to explore sonic details lost in clipping and create artistic effects. Additionally, the Wet control surpasses 100%, offering multiple levels of distortion for crafting distinctive drum and snare sounds reminiscent of the 80s and 90s.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Increase volume by selectively trimming waveform peaks with the option to choose between soft or hard clipping.
  • Apply smooth and natural clipping using the FET mode or introduce harsh distortion with Diode mode.
  • Facilitate A/B comparisons by matching levels with the Auto Trim feature.
  • Rediscover details lost during clipping using the Ambience button.
  • Utilize the full range of soft clipping while avoiding harsh clipping with Auto Ceiling.
  • Independently process left-right and middle channels.
  • Benefit from up to 32x oversampling for precision.
  • Visualize peak meters and waveforms.
  • Customize the user interface with scalability and color options.

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