Plugin Alliance & Unfiltered Audio – LO-FI-AF 1.0.0 (macOS)

Sound Degrader artifacts and degradation (see PROMO). The perfect plugin when your other plugins sound too perfect!
LO-FI-AF takes you on a journey through the sound artifacts of the past few decades. Using pulse characteristics, spectral formation, and other techniques, it conveys style features, from vinyl records and analog radios to
MP3s, CDs, cassettes, cell phones, etc. This versatile plug-in does much more than other saturators and bitcrackers. In addition to film saturation, vintage microphone, vinyl dust and crackling.
Each of the LO-FI-AF sections can be switched and reorganized, providing a total of 24 different signal paths. Do you want to add some analog grunge to MP3? Of course! Want it to sound like it was recorded through a broken microphone, recorded on a CD, and then scratched? Why not?! Use the plugin to add viba and nostalgia to your tracks or completely turn the source material into something almost unrecognizable.
LO-FI-AF has a stunning new graphical interface from Papernoise, the developer of one of the most beautiful music programs and equipment. Its intuitive layout makes all functions visible and accessible at the same time, without distracting attention. The kit includes 14 skins, allowing you to choose the perfect color combination for your customization and style.

Go beyond standard bitcrushing with artifacts and degradation from MP3s, CDs, vinyl, tape cassettes and more
A Convolution section includes impulse responses from broken microphones antiquated speakers and other special devices
The Spectral section creates pitch shifting, audio rippling, and MP3 artifact effects
The Digital section provides bit crushing, sample rate degradation and CD skipping effects
The Analog section mimics radio interference, tape saturation, vinyl noise, compression, and warbly motors
Rearrange the 4 modules in any order you like for 24 unique signal path combinations
Beautiful and simple to navigate GUI puts all the controls at your fingertips in an easily manageable way
A versatile collection of artifacts and processing not found in other plugins, sure to spice up your productions in new ways
Graphic design by Papernoise, including 14 different skins

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