PreSonus – Studio One 6.2.0 (Universal) (MacOS)

PreSonus Studio One -

Studio One 6 Download for free mac operating system. Studio One is an all-encompassing platform for music production and mixing & mastering.


A special thanks to user AslashA for their valuable contribution and the use of the r2r-Activator.

New Features and Enhancements (Version 6.2.0):

Arrangement and Editing:

  • Renaming “PreSonus Sphere” to “Studio One.”
  • Auto-zoom and enhanced editing capabilities.
  • Independent editing of layer duplicates.
  • Additional layer tools such as eraser, paint, mute, and fold.
  • Ability to move and copy ranges between layers.
  • Streamlined Takes and Layers menu.
  • “No Overlap” option applied to events on layers.
  • Display of layer names for tracks and channels.
  • Improved naming and numbering of takes for layers.
  • Event FX context menu for audio events.
  • Crossfades for selected ranges.
  • Enhanced tape editing with time stretching.
  • Introduction of an end-of-song marker with stop function.
  • Zoom selection in the note editor.
  • Colorization of note events based on scale.
  • Arranging lyrics by notes in the score view.
  • Automated detail stretching during note resizing.
  • Arrow tool options for note editing.
  • Modifier for temporary tool separations.
  • New “Event Editors” folder in the browser for ARA-enabled plugins.


  • Copying FX plugins, including automation.
  • Linked polarity buttons on stereo channels.
  • Disabling linked bus when turning off folder tracking.
  • Mute/single link between folder tracks and linked busses.
  • Search bar in Add Insert dialog boxes.

Toolbar and Macro Organizer:

  • Link to assign keyboard shortcuts from the Macro Organizer.
  • Multiple sorting options for macro lists.
  • Text search to filter macros by name.
  • Combined macro toolbar settings menu.


  • Enhanced real-time notifications for community posts in Studio One+.
  • Preset selection to configure additional smart templates.
  • Channel assignment editing for multiple selected tracks simultaneously.
  • Deletion command for selected tracks when no event or range is selected.
  • Display of event icon in Events folder when the folder is collapsed.
  • Option to completely disable drop protection (not recommended for regular use).
  • “Send MIDI clock” option for hardware controllers.
  • Added Morph and Expressive E osmosis touch devices.
  • Additional settings for Ampire and pedalboard.

Bug Fixes: Studio One 6.2.0 addresses various issues, including macOS crashes, Pitchlist preset restoration, Windows SoundCloud client freezes, and more. Crossfade accuracy, time stretch mode switching, custom folder creation in the browser under Track Presets, and other issues have also been resolved.

New Commands: Discover new commands like “Toggle note listening,” “Edit note events in layers track,” “Unpack last snapshot to layer,” “Add bus for folder track,” “Add VCA for folder track,” and more, enhancing your control and productivity.

Studio One 6 is your creative hub, offering an extensive array of features and improvements that cater to your music production needs. Explore the seamless workflow, innovative tools, and enhanced editing capabilities of this remarkable software. Elevate your music production game with Studio One 6 and experience a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, Studio One 6 empowers you to create, innovate, and perform with unmatched precision and flexibility. Upgrade to Studio One 6 and redefine your music production experience today!

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