Renraku – Rare Tape Jams 3 (Hiphop & RnB & Phonk Sample Pack)

Mxnu returns to the Renraku catalog with RARE – Tape Jams 3, an massive collection of tape-mastered samples well suited to a wide variety of genres. Impressive melodic loops, song openers and instrumental riffs make up the bulk of the melodic material in the pack, while drum frames and loops instantly add determination and character to any song. 

They first appear in the RARE-Tape Jams series, which is a collection of musical loops that emulate traditional sample material. Whether you’re looking for a loud, distorted music loop to insert into a background track, or you need a hefty, infectious riff; RARITY – Tape Jams 3 has everything you need.

Contains a variety of opening songs, melodic loops and instrumentals accompanied by huge drums cutting through the mix;

  • Download [Renraku] RARE Tape Jams 3 (Hiphop & RnB & Phonk Sample Pack) (WAV)
  • Original Publisher: Renraku
  • Category: Sample Pack
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 1.51 GB

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