Rob Papen – Rob Papen Blue3 v1.0.0

When it was first released in 2005, “BLUE” already reflected Rob Papen’s cutting edge, creative and most importantly musical approach to development virtual synthesizers. Rob Papen himself called it “cross-fusion synthesis” because it encompassed both subtractive and FM synthesis in one creative concept.
With its successor BLUE-II, the “Cross-fusion synthesis” has also been expanded with a creative sample pack and a very versatile XY pad.
The BLUE-III concept continues to hold true to that ideal with even more additional sonic dimensions and features in the expanded name. Firstly, the addition of our own take on “Karplus Strong String Model Synthesis”, new “Waveforms”, new “Filter Types”, a new set of creative “Built-in Samples”, and finally the ability for you, the user, to upload up to 6 samples within each preset.
The BLUE-III GUI has been redesigned, including many different sizes, and the XY panel is now always on the front. The sound engine has taken its DNA from our BIT virtual analog synthesizer, resulting in unparalleled sound quality.
Finally, of course, this amazing instrument comes with over 5000 presets created by Rob himself and famous sound designers.
The BLUE-III is a phenomenally powerful virtual instrument that is an amazing journey into cross-fusion fusion!

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