Sample Tools by Cr2 – Mainroom Bass House (WAV)

Mainroom-Bass-House-Sample Tools by Cr2 - Mainroom Bass House (WAV)

Aggressive bass, squealing synthesizer and powerful drums are all elements you can expect from this explosive set of bass house samples. With over 400 samples, this extensive package will provide you with all the tools you need to create powerful, energetic bass house pieces.This release is filled with detailed bass and synthesizer loops, deep bass shots, powerful percussion, dynamic drum loops, and a wide range of high-quality FX elements to give your products an extra wow factor. On top of everything already mentioned, this package includes five fully finished demo sets broken down into appropriate parts, giving you a detailed idea of professionally created bass house tracks! Create the atmosphere of the main hall with this impressive set of samples.We are Sample Tools by Cr2, and it’s… Mainroom Bass House!


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