Sketch Samples – Sketch Dreadnought & Midi Pack 54 styles

Free Download Sketch Dreadnought & Midi Pack 54 styles Kontakt Library for Kontakt.

Overview of Sketch Dreadnought Guitar:

For recording we used high quality microphones, piezo and magnetic pickups. Microphone, piezo and magnet levels can be controlled after the fact to ensure maximum sonic flexibility. Sketch Dreadnought Guitar comes with a MIDI package. Midi Pack includes 54 accompaniment styles. 

You can find a more detailed description in the Sketch Dreadnought guitar manual. Sketch Dreadnought Guitar Manual is available for distribution.

Features of Sketch Dreadnought Guitar:

  • With high-quality microphones, piezo, and magnetic pickups, this guitar gives you the freedom to control levels after recording, providing unmatched sonic flexibility.
  • The MIDI package included with the Sketch Dreadnought Guitar is a game-changer, featuring 54 accompaniment styles to elevate your compositions.
  • The depths of expression with 12 articulations, 2 round robins per note, and 8 velocity layers on Pick and Finger, creating a nuanced and lifelike performance.
  • Choose from 4 algorithms (Classic, Django, Country, Random) for seamless and automatic position changes, adding a dynamic touch to your playing.
  •  There is a Special Keyboard Mode, allowing you to play the Dreadnought guitar like a piano while effortlessly changing positions.
  • You can control magnet levels, piezo, and more after recording, tailor-fitting your sound with EQ controls available on all patches.
  • There is 12 types of custom convolution reverb, adding a touch of ambience to your compositions.
  • Benefit from features like Auto legato, Aftertouch (Vibrato), Offset controls, Speed controls, and Percussion samples for a truly comprehensive musical experience.
  • Despite its robust features, the library size is a mere 9.3GB, with 1.8GB in RAM, ensuring smooth performance on your musical endeavors.
  • Compatibility: The Sketch Dreadnought Guitar requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.1.1 or later, offering professional-grade compatibility for your musical endeavors.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Publisher: Sketch Samples
  • Format: KONTAKT (6.1.1+)
  • Quality: 24-bit 44.1 kHz stereo
  • Size: 9.27 GB

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