Solid State Logic – SSL Fusion Vintage Drive Plug-in 1.0.24

Year / Date of Release : 09.2021
Version : 1.0.24
Developer : Solid State Logic
Developer site : store solidstatelogic
Format : VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured (put and work) | R2R
System requirements : Windows 7 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), and Windows 10 (64-bit)
Intel Core 2 (or comparable) CPU running at 2.4GHz or higher
4GB of RAM minimum, 8GB preferable
VST 2 (64-bit), VST3 (64-bit), AAX Native (64-bit)
Description : Fusion non-linear saturation circuitry for your DAW.
The Fusion Vintage Drive plug-in is a digital emulation of the Vintage Drive processor from SSL’s critically acclaimed Fusion Stereo Analogue Colouration hardware.
Designed to create slight harmonic saturation and soft compression reminiscent of vintage equipment in the analog sweet spot for full authentic analog distortion. The Fusion Vintage Drive plugin is essential for adding organic analog feel to your tracks, bands, mixes and masters.

Modelled on the coveted SSL Fusion Vintage Drive processor
A unique, non-linear saturation circuit
DENSITY and DRIVE interact to produce harmonics, soft-clipping, and natural compression
MIX for instant parallel processing
Exceptional DSP design with reference to the original analogue circuit
Modelled using a combination of real-life measurements, analogue circuit designs and close collaboration with the original analogue designers of FUSION hardware
NEW: ECO mode drops the plug-in into a zero latency & reduced CPU mode, for tracking and recording applications
Comes loaded with presets from world-class producers and engineers, including: Adrian Hall, Alan Moulder, Caesar Edmunds, Charlie Holmes, Michael Brauer, Romesh Dodangoda, Sean Divine and Wez Clarke

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