Sonic Academy ANA 2 v2.5.0 macOS[TRAZOR][U2B][M1-M2]

with game-changing features like G-Envelope, 6 oscillators including 3 wavetables and 3 samplers, and a revolutionary chord memory device that offers instant professional chords on individual keys, ANA 2 makes track creation faster and more intuitive than ever!
With the ANA 2 Vintage Analog Edition you get:
• 50 new analog modeling presets, including exclusive Slate analog wavetables from the most iconic synths of the last three decades
• Custom made ANA 2 Vintage analog skin
• Brad Brunazzi’s Synthwave Masterclass Producer course available in all DAW session formats
• Over 200 drum samples from classic 80’s drum machines sampled on state-of-the-art equipment
Add. information :

v2.5 release notes
v2.5 – Release version
– – FIXED: Problem with copying samples between Msp patches when cycling
– FIXED: problem with zone selection and cursor position
– FIXED: problem with mute/solo reset when cycling MSPr
– FIXED: bug due to which ANA crashed when changing the MSPr/preset
– FIXED: Bug that caused the sort order of multiple samples to not be saved
– FIXED: Bug that caused the GUI not to be displayed if the saved GUI was not available
– – FIXED: Issue with sample playback timing in Msp files
– FIXED: sample waveform display issue in sampler
– FIXED: Problem when clearing samples from multisampler
– UPDATED: GUI elements
– FIXED: problem with clearing samples from multisample
– FIXED: VST3 default values
​​- FIXED: pink box appearing on fine tuning knobs
– FIXED: An issue where the sample tab in the MS section did not display the correct sample
– FIXED: An issue where if 2 samples are mapped to the same key, only 1 will play
1. Just install.
1. Activate with “file A2.keyfile”
Additional Preset Pack can be taken from here

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