Spectrasonics – Trilian + Factory Library Standalone, VST3, VST, AAX, AU x64 (Win v1.6.4c/Mac OS v1.6.3d)

Spectrasonics Trilian is a software synthesizer that has become a go-to choice for many music producers and sound designers since its release in 2009. It is a virtual instrument that features a massive library of bass sounds, ranging from classic electric and acoustic basses to modern synthesized basses and beyond.

One of the standout features of Trilian is its massive library of bass sounds, which includes over 60 electric and acoustic basses, as well as a wide range of synthesized and experimental basses. The sounds have been carefully sampled and recorded with high-quality equipment, resulting in a rich and authentic sound that can be easily incorporated into any production.

In addition to its extensive library of bass sounds, Trilian also features a powerful sound engine and a range of intuitive controls that make it easy to shape and manipulate the sounds. The sound engine includes advanced synthesis techniques, such as sample-based synthesis, granular synthesis, and multisampled waveforms, which allow for a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Trilian also includes a range of performance features that make it a versatile tool for live performance and studio production. The synth includes a variety of arpeggiators, note triggers, and other performance tools, as well as the ability to layer and stack multiple bass sounds for added depth and complexity.

Another notable aspect of Trilian is its user interface, which is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The synth includes a large visual display that makes it easy to navigate and select sounds, as well as a range of controls and parameters that can be easily adjusted to create the desired sound.

Overall, Spectrasonics Trilian is a powerful and versatile software synthesizer that offers a massive library of high-quality bass sounds, advanced synthesis techniques, and intuitive controls. Its authentic and rich sound, as well as its versatile performance features and user-friendly interface, make it a valuable tool for music producers and sound designers in a wide range of genres. If you’re looking to add professional-quality bass sounds to your productions, Spectrasonics Trilian is definitely worth checking out.

For Windows users:
After launching and installing the Trilian Software Update.exe file, all files are copied to several directories, namely to C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics\plug-ins\64bit (The ProgramData folder is hidden by default in Windows)
VST3 Plug-In: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
VST2 Plug-In: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\ vstplugins (Depending on the DAW you are using, this path may be different. Look carefully where the installer will suggest installing the VST2 file) In all these directories, you will need to replace the files. Unlocked files are in the distribution in the VST folder

NOTE: V1.6.4c can be installed on top of a working version of Trillian or you may install it on top of V1.6.3d

2 Comments on “Spectrasonics – Trilian + Factory Library Standalone, VST3, VST, AAX, AU x64 (Win v1.6.4c/Mac OS v1.6.3d)”

  1. Looks like the Mac version (1.6.3d) is x86, not arm64 – so not Apple Silicon native. Pretty sure they were AS native by this version.

  2. Also – why does the splash screen on both the standalone and the AU say “Trilian Software 1.6.3d x86” but a “get info” in the Finder on the standalone app says it’s version 1.2.0d?

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