Spectrasonics Trilian v1.6.5c + Factory Library

Free Download Spectrasonics Trilian v1.6.5c and Factory Library Full Version for Windows.

Overview of Spectrasonics Trilian

Trilian® – a complete bass solution from Spectrasonics Trilian is the successor to Spectrasonics’ award-winning Trilogy bass instrument, offering deeper control of musical expression and much greater shaping flexibility sound. The 34GB Trilian library is 10 times larger than Trilogy and includes all new acoustic, electric and synth basses, 10 times larger than Trilogy and includes all new acoustic, electric and synth basses.

Features of Spectrasonics Trilian

  • Trilian’s 34GB library is a massive 10 times larger than Trilogy, delivering an extensive collection of acoustic, electric, and synth basses.
  • Download the Trilian 1.6 Factory Library and unlock a universe of bass possibilities.
  • Trilian software version 1.6.5c introduces support for replacing VST2 with VST3, keeping you up-to-date with the latest in plugin technology.
  • Say goodbye to macOS login headaches with a fix for an issue that repeatedly asked users to log in.
  • Stability is key! Trilian fixes potential crashes in VST2 or AAX plugins when loading the plugin’s saved state with the GUI closed.
  • MIDI magic! Load multis seamlessly into multiple plugin instances with resolved issues on Multi load actions using MIDI events.
  • Fine-tune your tempo without the clicky chaos. Trilian’s update addresses clicking artifacts in the Chorus Echo effect when changing the tempo.
  • For the Windows warriors out there, GUI performance issues have been vanquished, ensuring a smooth experience every time.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Developer: Spectrasonics.
  • Format: SAL, VSTi, VST3i, AAX.
  • Bit capacity: 64bit
  • System requirements: WIN 7+

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