Spitfire Audio – London Contemporary Orchestra Strings (KONTAKT)

audiostorrent.xyz-Spitfire Audio - London Contemporary Orchestra Strings

Everything you need to create ultra-modern musical strings.

There has been a shift in string
writing that is becoming a global movement
Based on innovative methods and performance styles, it is known that it is impossible to program with the tools currently available.

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We’ve partnered with the London Contemporary Orchestra, whose work with the likes of Radiohead and Jed Kurzel (Alien: Covenant) has contributed significantly to this shift, to create a string library that gives you access to this unique, experimental palette. This library contains multi-sampled violin, viola, cello and bass sections, and has been recorded at our dry stage in London. With a host of dynamically controllable, never-before-sampled articulations, this rich set of diverse recordings are both playable and musical, and will transform your work. KEY STATS
• 42094 Samples
• 45.7 GB Uncompressed . WAV
• 28.1 GB disk space required

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