Stickz – Illenium Edition Vol. 2 Pro (MIDI, WAV, SERUM, FL STUDIO, ABLETON, LOGIC)

Sounds thatproducers pray for.
If you think that of Illenium’s sound style, the primary factor you may acknowledge area unit supersaws. However, it is not quite that straightforward as his sounds have a definite character and made texture. The precise quantity of saturation, the clever layering of organic instruments like horns and violins, and also the correct quantity of modulation build his leads and chords that powerful.
Even his basses area unit rigorously crafted to produce the low-end drive and distorted mids & highs that punch through the combination. we tend to genuinely believe that these sounds will instantly build your productions sound larger and higher in each means. If you turn out Future Bass, Melodic Dubstep, or the other music in this vogue — this soundbank goes to be essential in your assortment.

SerumVersion one.286+

You’re up to the mark.
Tweak the presets to your feeling with none sound-design skills. simply flip a knob.
Diversity is essential.
Thanks to macros, you’re obtaining over simply fifty presets. You don’t like however one planned sounds? simply flip some macros, and you’ll find yourself with a totally new sound.
Drums you wish tohold on to forever.

If Illenium got one factor down, it’s his unbelievable drums. there is not any one else out there whose tracks strike with such significant kicks and crisp snares. His drums will effortlessly add associate vast quantity of energy to any production. With this sample pack, we’re providing you with exactly those forms of samples, loops, and even additional. With over two hundred bonus samples, this pack contains additional content than the other previous creator edition pack. These claps, cymbals, kicks, snares, percussion, and drum loops area unit simply anticipating you to accentuate your next production.
280+ Samples & Loops

.WAV 24Bit
Having access to Illenium galvanized samples and presets already provides you a large advantage. However, having access to project files galvanized by his songs goes to require reverse-engineering to an entire new level. we’ve got crafted seven project files galvanized by his recent album ‘Ascend’ to permit you to dive into the project files and learn the way a number of your favorite Illenium tracks were crafted.

7Project Files

DAW: FL Studio Version twenty
Ableton Live Version ten
Logic professional X Version ten.4

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