Studio Tronnic – Low Bass Complete Pack

A genre that has taken over the electronic music scene, with strong basslines and Tech House influences, the name “Low Bass” is in full bloom, mainly in Brazil and South Africa, where many producers are trying to uncover the secrets. this style. To that end, we’ve created the Low Bass Complete Pack, inspired by the Super Label Box of Cats from renowned producer and DJ Kyle Watson, so your producer can make sounds like the genre’s greats.

This complete package includes Sample Pack Complete, 2 sound banks for Sylenth1 and Massive plugins, and 10 Ableton templates.

The sample pack contains a variety of high-quality One Shots to match the sonority of the style, with an emphasis on Kicks, which are key to creating any track, especially in this style, where Kick and Bass reign supreme. In addition to One Shots, we’ve also created Beats Loops, and Complete Drum Kits, where all the elements are separate from Loops, so you have every opportunity to change the design and create new tracks, extracting only what interests you.

We’ve also created instrument kits with melodic sounds that you can use in between, including piano, guitars, bass, and more, all with tonal information and MIDI files, so you can use your imagination to recreate the arrangement and start new ideas. The package also includes a variety of processed vocals (Words and Shots) with tonal information that you can use in pre-releases or even as an instrument.

  • 10 live Ableton templates
  • 94 Sylenth1 presets
  • 89 massive presets

Sample Pack

  • 190 Drum Beats
  • 30 Vocals
  • 20 Currencies
  • 10 Drum Kits
  • 05 Instrument Kits


  • Cohen’s constructor
  • FL Studio project from Cohen
  • Ableton Project + Massive presets
  • Download Studio Tronnic – Low Bass Complete Pack (ABLETON, MASSIVE, SYLENTH, WAV)
  • Original Publisher: Studio Tronnic
  • Category: Sample Pack, Sound Libraries
  • Require: Ableton Live Suite 9.7.5 or higher, NI Massive 1.5.1 or higher, Sylenth1 v2.2.1 or higher
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 582.1 MB

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