Sugar Bytes – Graindad v1.0.4 x64

What can “Grandfather” do “
Grain up to 64 grains Grain dad offers ample opportunity to define your sound in real time. With 12 key parameters, fast and powerful access to granular synthesis is provided.

Basically there are 2 modulation systems: the classic system with modulators like step sequencers, lfo and envelope for familiar access. And a modulation system called Harvester that provides a simple and playful way to visually control multiple parameters at the same time. These two modulation systems can then be mixed for uniquely complex results.

Randomization is an important part of Granddad – varying degrees of randomization can be applied to almost every parameter. In addition, there are special functions for determining when randomization should be generated, for example, a transient in your audio signal can trigger a randomizer.

Add. Information :
Cleaner with capacity up to 64 grains
12 main controllers for easy control
Combine: Innovative modulation system
Hang, stutter, glitch, texturing
Multi-band transient detector
Host sync and time clock
16-stage trigger sequencer
LP, BP, HP filters, band reject filters
Reverb Headquarters, Spring Reverb, Shimmer, Delay, Flanger, Chorus
Complex dry/wet shell
Modulation system with countless random functions
Transformation between combine and modulation

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