Immerse yourself in a deep world of cinematic synth sounds. Analog character. Organic textures. Digital modulation. In this preset pack you’ll find massive analog bass patches, atmospheric and organic pads, textured and rhythmic stutters, powerful lush leads and sound effects with great depth.

This package is not limited to one genre. Instead, it combines elements of different genres and styles such as Electronica/IDM, Synthwave, Drum and Bass and Cinematic Synth Scoring under a common theme.

Cyberpunk imagines a dark and oppressive dystopian world with advanced technology that can radiate a strange beauty despite its crudeness. My goal was to reflect this sonically, mixing raw and heavy analog sounds with beautiful atmospheric sounds and organic textures. The sound design of this pack is also heavily inspired by cyberpunk films and art and therefore has a cinematic feel.


70 serum presets with 4 macros each + assigned modulation wheel:

  • 21 Bass (BS)
  • 13 Leads (LD)
  • 19 Pads (PD)
  • 9 Sound Effects (FX)
  • 8 Stutter (ST)
  • Download Synth Blade – CYBERPUNK (SERUM)
  • Original Publisher: Synth Blade
  • Format: FXP (Serum)
  • Category: Sound Libraries
  • Requires: Serum v1.363 or higher
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 1022 KB

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