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Free Download Steinberg Electro Sound Library by Teletone Audio for Kontakt.

Overview of Electro:

Electro is our electronic beat orchestrator featuring standard and custom drum machines combined into an innovative beatmaker with sound design controls. To create the library we used: Roland TR-808, Roland TR-909, LinnDrum, Moog DFAM (“Drummer From Another Mother”) ect.

Features of Electro:

    • Roland TR-808 for its distinctive analog drum sounds.
    • Roland TR-909 with its warm and punchy analog drum sounds.
    • LinnDrum, a vintage drum machine celebrated for its realistic sounds.
    • “Drummer From Another Mother” brings semi-modular analog percussion synthesis.
    • Create massive kick drums and crushing snare drums with versatile architecture.
    • Vintage analog synthesizer known for lush, warm pad sounds.
    • Unconventionally used to produce a full drum kit for unique percussive sounds.
    • Explore a diverse range, including Casio SK-1 and Yamaha DX7.
    • Adds an extra layer of depth and sonic character to your beats.
    • Innovative beatmaker with controls to shape and customize your sound.
    • Dive into the essence of each drum machine and synthesizer for unique tones.
    • Permission to use samples of Linn Electronics products courtesy of Roger Linn.
    • Pay homage to the classics that have shaped electronic and pop music.
    • Enduring sounds like the iconic snare and clap of LinnDrum.
    • Ideal for electronic and hip-hop music production.
    • A favorite among producers and musicians for its timeless design and warm sounds.
    • Unconventional use of synthesizers brings a unique character to drum machine sampling.
    • A rich palette of sounds, from experimental textures to warm pad tones.
    • LinnDrum’s sequencing capabilities contribute to the foundation of electronic and pop music.
    • Explore endless rhythmic possibilities with intuitive sequencing.
    • Blend of traditional analog drum machines and digital synthesizers.
    • Offers a fusion of the best of both worlds for a dynamic sound experience.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Publisher: Teletone Audio
  • Format: KONTAKT (6.8.0+)
  • Quality: 24-bit 48 kHz stereo

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