ToneBoosters – Plug-Ins Bundle v1.7.6 WIN/MAC STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64

Overview of Toneboosters Audio Plugins:

Toneboosters offers a collection of powerful audio plugins that are the result of over a decade of scientific research and development in the field of digital signal processing and auditory perception. These plugins combine advanced signal processing techniques with highly optimized cross-platform implementations, all wrapped in easy-to-use interfaces to streamline your workflow.

Included Plugins:

  1. Barricade v4.7.2: True-Peak mastering limiter.
  2. BitJuggler v1.4.2: The ultimate creator of digititus.
  3. Compressor v4.6.2: Master-level dynamic processor.
  4. Dual VCF v1.8.2: High-quality nonlinear filters.
  5. Enhancer v1.5.2: Enhance the flavor of your tracks.
  6. Equalizer v4.7.2: Analog dynamic equalizer.
  7. Flowtones v1.5.2: Virtual analog synthesizer.
  8. Goniometer v1.2.2: Analysis and visualization of stereo images (Free!).
  9. Lowtone v1.1.2: Innovative bass synthesizer.
  10. MBC v1.3.2: Multi-band compression and saturation.
  11. Morphit v1.9.2: Correction and personalization of headphones.
  12. ReelBus v4.7.2: Tape recording, echo, and flanger simulator.
  13. Reverb v4.7.2: Shimmering reverb effects.
  14. Sibilance v4.2.2: Spectral de-esser and hardness remover.
  15. Spectrogram v1.5.2: Insightful visualization of time and frequency.
  16. VoicePitcher v4.2.2: Vocal dubbing, pitch bending, and freeze effect.

Change Log History:

  • Sep 2023 Installer v1.7.6: Includes fixes and improvements for better plugin compatibility.
  • September 2023 Installer v1.7.5: Adds support for new immersive Pro Tools channel configurations, improves keyboard focus, and enhances modulation popups.
  • June 2023 Installer v1.7.4: Brings efficiency and stability improvements, along with enhancements in the program manager.
  • April 2023 Installer v1.7.3: Provides various improvements and updates for specific plugins, including Equalizer, MBC, and Morphit.


  1. Block access to to prevent the plugin from calling home for serial number verification.
  2. Install the plugins.
  3. Launch the Keygen, select a plugin from the list, and click “GENERATE” to create a license.
  4. Copy the generated license, enter any email in the plugin window, and paste the license to complete the registration process.

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