ToneBoosters – Plug-Ins Bundle v1.7.6

ToneBoosters Plug InsBundle -

Overview of Toneboosters Audio Plugins:

Toneboosters offers a collection of powerful audio plugins that are the result of over a decade of scientific research and development in the field of digital signal processing and auditory perception. These plugins combine advanced signal processing techniques with highly optimized cross-platform implementations, all wrapped in easy-to-use interfaces to streamline your workflow.

Included Plugins:

  1. Barricade v4.7.2: True-Peak mastering limiter.
  2. BitJuggler v1.4.2: The ultimate creator of digititus.
  3. Compressor v4.6.2: Master-level dynamic processor.
  4. Dual VCF v1.8.2: High-quality nonlinear filters.
  5. Enhancer v1.5.2: Enhance the flavor of your tracks.
  6. Equalizer v4.7.2: Analog dynamic equalizer.
  7. Flowtones v1.5.2: Virtual analog synthesizer.
  8. Goniometer v1.2.2: Analysis and visualization of stereo images (Free!).
  9. Lowtone v1.1.2: Innovative bass synthesizer.
  10. MBC v1.3.2: Multi-band compression and saturation.
  11. Morphit v1.9.2: Correction and personalization of headphones.
  12. ReelBus v4.7.2: Tape recording, echo, and flanger simulator.
  13. Reverb v4.7.2: Shimmering reverb effects.
  14. Sibilance v4.2.2: Spectral de-esser and hardness remover.
  15. Spectrogram v1.5.2: Insightful visualization of time and frequency.
  16. VoicePitcher v4.2.2: Vocal dubbing, pitch bending, and freeze effect.

Change Log History:

  • Sep 2023 Installer v1.7.6: Includes fixes and improvements for better plugin compatibility.
  • September 2023 Installer v1.7.5: Adds support for new immersive Pro Tools channel configurations, improves keyboard focus, and enhances modulation popups.
  • June 2023 Installer v1.7.4: Brings efficiency and stability improvements, along with enhancements in the program manager.
  • April 2023 Installer v1.7.3: Provides various improvements and updates for specific plugins, including Equalizer, MBC, and Morphit.

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