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Toontrack – Drums MIDI Pack

Midi grooves for Toontrack EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3
After installation, it is imperative to make (Settings – Advanced- Rescan MIDI Database ) in SD3 !

Update 12/29/2021:
Toontrack – Dark Rock
Ugritone – Death Metal Anthology

Wanted for the complete kit:
Toontrack – EZX Gospel
Toontrack – EZX Singer-Songwriter
Toontrack – EZX Into The Dark
Toontrack – EZX Duality I
Toontrack – EZX Duality II
Toontrack – SDX Fields of Rock
Toontrack – Progressive Metal 2
Toontrack – Majestic Metal

1. Along the way:
– for MacOSX users / Library / Application Support / EZDrummer /
– for Windows users C: \ ProgramData \ Toontrack \ EZdrummer \
completely replace the MIDI folder with the folder from the downloaded image
* ( if there is no EZdrummer folder, then you need to create it )
2. After that open Superior Drummer 3 , click: Settings> Advanced> Restore MIDI Database …
3. In the Grooves tab , in the list of midi-groove libraries from Platinum Samples, Groove Monkee and Steven Slate Drums Grooves , where there are orange folders with an exclamation mark, click Add Database .
– If you want the MIDI folder to be in a different location, move this folder and after opening SD3 , in the Grooves tab you will find the error No MIDI library found
click on Libraries Settings and in the Additional Libraries tab select the new location of the MIDI folder ( and reload Superior )
List of midi grooves:
Superior Libraries:
Custom / Vintage version 1.2.0
Death & Darkness version 1.0.0
Decades version 1.0.0
Indiependent version 1.0.0
Legacy of Rock version 1.0.1
Metal Machinery version 1.0.0
Music City USA version 1.2.0
NY – Allaire version 1.2. 0
NY – Avatar version 1.2.0
NY – Volume 3 version 1.2.0
Orchestral Percussion I version 1.0.1
Orchestral Percussion II version 1.0.1
Roots version 1.2.1
Superior Drummer 3 version 1.0.0
The Metal Foundry version 1.2.0
The Progressive Foundry version 1.0.0
The Rock Foundry version 1.0.0
The Rock Warehouse version 1.2.0
The Rooms of Hansa version 1.0.0
Add-On Packs:
21st Century Metal version 1.0.0
Acoustic Songwriter Grooves version 1.0.0
Action Drums version 1.0.0
Alt-Rock Grooves version 1.0.0
American Rock version 1.0.0
AOR Ballad Grooves version 1.0.0
AOR Grooves version 1.0.0
Arena Rock version 1.0.0
Backbeats version 1.2.0
Ballads version 1.2.0
Basic Jazz version 1.0.0
Basic Rock version 1.2.0
Basic Rock 2 version 1.0.0
Basic Rock Fills version 1.2.0
Beats of Berlin version 1.0.0
Big Band Grooves version 1.0.0
Black Metal version 1.0.0
Blues version 1.2.0
British Invasion Grooves version 1.0.0
Classic Rock Grooves version 1.0.0
Contemporary R&B Grooves version 1.0.0
Country Grooves version 1.0.0
Dark Rock version 1.0.0
Death Metal version 1.0.1
Deathlike Fusion version 1.0.0
Detroit Soul Grooves version 1.0.0
Disco Grooves version 1.0.0
Doom Grooves version 1.0.0
Doom / Core version 1.0.0
Drum Beats version 1.0.0
Drum Riffs version 1.2.0
Eighties Pop Grooves version 1.0.0
Electronic Beats version 1.0.0
Funk version 1.0.0
Fusion Fills version 1.0.0
Fusion Grooves version 1.0.0
Gospel Grooves version 1.0.0
Hard Rock Grooves version 1.0.0
Hardcore version 1.0.0
Heavy Metal version 1.0.0
Heavy Rock Grooves version 1.0.0
High Energy Grooves version 1.0.0
Hip-Hop Grooves version 1.0.0
Hip-Hop Offbeats version 1.0.0
Jazz version 1.2.0
Latin Jazz Grooves version 1.0.0
Latin Rhythms version 1.0.0
Library of the Extreme II version 1.2.0
Library of the Extreme III version 1.2.0
Library of the Extreme version 1.2.0
Linear Fusion version 1.0.0
Metal Beats version 1.2.0
Metal Fusion version 1.0.0
Modern Funk Grooves version 1.0.0
Modern Pop Grooves version 1.0.0
Monster MIDI Fills Pack 2 version 1.2.0
Monster MIDI Fills Pack version 1.2.0
Monster MIDI Fills Pack version 1.2.0
Monster MIDI Pack 2 version 1.2.0
Pocket Grooves version 1.0.0
Pop Punk version 1.0.0
Post-Rock Grooves version 1.0.0
Power Metal version 1.0.0
Progressive Fusion version 1.0.0
Progressive Metal version 1.0.0
Reggae Beats version 1.0 .0
Rock Songs version 1.2.0
Rythme Sauvage version 1.0.0
Session Drums version 1.2.0
Seventies Prog Grooves version 1.0.0
Shuffled Backbeats version 1.0.0
Singer Songwriter Grooves version 1.0.0
Sixties Pop Grooves version 1.0.0
Songwriters Fillpack version 1.2.0
Songwriters Fillpack 2 version 1.2.0
Songwriters Pack version 1.2.0
Songwriters Pack 2 version 1.2.0
Songwriters Pack 3 version 1.2.0
Songwriters Pack 4 version 1.2.0
Soul Grooves version 1.0.0
Thrash Metal version 1.0.1
UK Pop Grooves version 1.0.0
Urban Jazz Grooves version 1.0.0
West Coast Rock Grooves version 1.0.0
EZX Libraries:
EZX Action! version 1.0.0
EZX Alt-Rock version 1.0.1
EZX Americana version 1.5.0
EZX Big Band version 1.0.0
EZX Big Rock Drums version 1.0.0
EZX Classic Rock version 1.0.0
EZX Claustrophobic version 1.5.0
EZX Cocktail version 1.5 .0
EZX Custom Shop version 1.0.0
EZX Dark Matter version 1.0.0
EZX Death Metal version 1.0.0
EZX Dream Pop version 1.0.0
EZX Drumkit from Hell version 1.5.0
EZX Drumkit from Hell Guests version 1.5.0
EZX Drums of Destruction version 1.0.0
EZX Electronic version 1.5.0
EZX Electronic Edge version 1.0.0
EZX Funkmasters version 1.5.0
EZX Hard Rock version 1.0.0
EZX Hip-Hop! version 1.0.0
EZX In The Pocket version 1.0.0
EZX Indie Folk version 1.5.0
EZX Jazz version 1.5.0
EZX Kicks & Snares version 1.0.0
EZX Latin Cuban Drums version 1.0.1
EZX Latin Cuban Percussion version 1.0.1
EZX Latin Percussion version 1.5.7
EZX Made of Metal version 1.0.0
EZX Metal Machine version 1.5.2
EZX Metal! version 1.5.1
EZX Metalheads version 1.5.0
EZX Modern Metal version 1.0.0
EZX Nashville version 1.5.0
EZX Number 1 Hits version 1.5.0
EZX Pop Punk version 1.0.0
EZX Pop! version 1.5.0
EZX Post-Rock version 1.0.0
EZX Progressive version 1.0.0
EZX Reggae version 1.0.1
EZX Rock Solid version 1.5.0
EZX Rock! version 1.5.0
EZX Seventies Rock version 1.0.0
EZX Southern Soul version 1.0.0
EZX The Blues version 1.5.0
EZX The Classic version 1.5.0
EZX Traditional Country version 1.0.0
EZX Twisted Kit version 1.5.3
EZX UK Pop version 1.0.0
EZX Vintage Rock version 1.5.0
EZ Player:
EZplayer Download MIDI version 1.2.0
EZplayer Pro MIDI version 1.2.0
EZdrummer Libraries:
EZdrummer 1 Demos version 1.0.0
EZdrummer 1 Pop / Rock version 1.5.0
EZdrummer 2 Modern / Vintage version 1.0.2
EZdrummer 2 Percussion version 1.0.2
Platinum Samples Libraries:
Brooks Wackerman Grooves
Evil Drums
Jacques Mathias
Military Cadence
Platinum Samples
Real Blues
Real Country
Real Jazz
Real Latin
Real Reggae
Steve Ferrone Pack
Zildjian Artists
Groove Monkee Libraries:
Groove Monkee Blues
Groove Monkee Country
Groove Monkee of Electronic
Groove Monkee Funk Hip Hop RB
Groove Monkee the Fusion
Groove Monkee the Jazz
Groove Monkee Metal
Groove Monkee Metal 2
Groove Monkee the Power Rock
Groove Monkee Progressive
Groove Monkee Punk
Groove Monkee the RB1
Groove Monkee Rock
Groove Monkee Rock 2
Groove Monkee Rock 3
Groove Monkee Rock Essential 1
Groove Monkee Rock Essential 2
Groove Monkee Twisted
Groove Monkee Worldbeats
Steven Slate Drums Grooves:
Glen Sobel Grooves
Jerry Lyons Grooves
SSD Classic Grooves
SSD Deluxe Grooves
Stuart Hudson Grooves
Ugritone Drums Midi Packs:
Beatdown Hardcore Essentials
Black Metal Essentials
Crust Punk Essentials
Death Metal Anthology
Death Metal Essentials
Deathcore Essentials
Djentastic Drum
Doom Metal Essentials
Emocore Essentials
Folk Metal Essentials
Grindcore Essentials
Grunge Rock Essentials
Hardcore Essentials
Heartland Rock Essentials
Industrial Metal Essentials
Melodeath Essentials
Melodic Metal Essentials
Metalcore Essentials
New Wave of British Heavy Metal Essentials
Nu Metal Essentials
Post Metal Essentials
Power Metal Essentials
Progressive Death Metal Essentials
Rock Anthology
Skate Punk Essentials
Slam Death Metal Essentials
Street Punk Essentials
Thrash Metal Essentials
Youth Crew Hardcore Essentials
List of deleted duplicates
Americana MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Americana
Indie Folk MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Indie Folk
Metal Machine MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Metal Machine
Metal! MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Metal!
Metalheads MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Metalheads
New York Studios Vol.1 MIDI version 1.2.0 = NY – Avatar
New York Studios Vol.2 MIDI version 1.2.0 = NY – Allaire
New York Studios Vol.3 MIDI version 1.2.0 = NY – Volume 3
Pop! MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Pop!
Rock Solid MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Rock Solid
Rock! MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX Rock!
Roots MIDI version 1.2.0 = Roots
The Blues MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX The Blues
The Classic MIDI version 1.2.0 = EZX The Classic
Why is there a MIDI Duplicates.iso archive in the distribution?
This is an archive of duplicates. The distribution header contains a list of deleted midis. They can also be added to the main base to match the Tuntrek midi groove base. Let everyone decide for themselves whether they need repetitive midi …

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