Toontrack – EZdrummer 3.0.6 (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack EZdrummer3 -

Toontrack EZdrummer free download fo Windows PC and macOS. The new EZdrummer 3 takes drum production to a whole new level.

New Features and Enhancements:

Explore the latest improvements in EZdrummer 3:


  • Native Apple silicon support for Mac AAX.
  • High-resolution graphics enhance the user interface.
  • Trial mode support for trying before you buy.


  • New GEWA preset.
  • Positional sensing added to the snare in the DTX-PROX preset.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed various issues, including crashes, graphical glitches, and more, ensuring a smoother experience for users.

What’s New in Drum MIDI Packs Bundle:

The Drum MIDI Packs Bundle for EZdrummer 3 comes with exciting additions:


  • Toontrack – SDX Hitmaker
  • Toontrack – Post-Metal EZX
  • Toontrack – SDX Area 33

Looking Forward:

  • Anticipate the addition of Toontrack’s “Monumental” for a complete set.

Explore Extensive MIDI Grooves:

The EZdrummer 3 Drum MIDI Packs Bundle includes a vast selection of MIDI grooves to enhance your drum tracks:

Superior Libraries:

  • A wide range of styles and versions, including Classic Rock, Metal, Jazz, and more.

Add-On Packs:

  • Diverse packs covering genres from Blues to EDM, Hip-Hop to Thrash Metal, and beyond.

EZX Libraries:

  • Explore various drum kit soundscapes, from Americana to Metal, with a multitude of options in between.

EZ Player:

  • The EZ Player offers flexibility and compatibility with MIDI versions for added convenience.

Platinum Sample Libraries:

  • Discover specialty grooves and styles to elevate your drum tracks.

Groove Monkee Libraries:

  • Dive into extensive collections of grooves tailored for various music genres.

Steven Slate Drums Grooves:

  • Explore grooves created by professional drummers for diverse music styles.

Ugritone Drums Midi Packs:

  • A comprehensive range of MIDI packs catering to multiple sub-genres within the metal and rock spectrum.
List of distributions of EZX libraries

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