Trident Audio Developments – LTS Tiltration Plugin 1.0.0

Tiltration combines a newly developed saturation processor using 8x digital resampling to provide reliably simulated Trident harmonic distortion on any sound source. On board you will find a two-stage equalizer Tonelux Loudness and Tilt EQ for increased flexibility. In addition, we include Sullen-Key variable high- and low-pass filters with continuous variable tilt up to 18 dB, which together provide unprecedented versatility and creative control.
A unique VU meter with switchable calibration of 0 VU between -18 or -8 dBFS helps in achieving optimal recording levels, while the PPM peak monitor detects transients and warns of a 0 dBFS limit. The new double-click feature allows you to display and manually enter data into each control knob, selecting the frequency, as well as increasing and decreasing it faster and more accurately. Finally, the output gain controller and polarity selector complete the feature set, making this plugin a great tool for many different studio applications.
Tiltration can be used in countless applications, from adding juicy harmonics to your digital tracks for extra warmth or even to adding distortion to guitar, bass or vocal tracks for an analog effect. Variable-tilt treble and low-pass filters add additional control, helping to create completely different sounds and musical tones. Adding a two-mode Tilt equalizer and Loudness EQ can easily add shine to any dull tracks with just one turn of the knob!
Each feature on Tiltration has crawl control that allows you to use each feature independently and quickly allows you to listen to your changes or bypass those you don’t want to use.
For those who already have our Trident CB-9066 and Series 80B plugins, the addition of TILTRATION adds another dimension when used in tandem with equalizers, adding harmonics and advanced tone formation, giving you the perfect equalizer chain.
Smoothing vocal tracks Adding
crunch or distortion to guitars or
other sources Adding analog warmth to the
entire mix or mastering project Precision correction and
tone formation
with easy quick data entry Eliminate unwanted noise
Adding shine to a dull
guitar track due to old strings Adding character to electronic instruments or details The Digital Editions Tiltration series uses our innovative modeling techniques and our new AWA (Advanced Wave Analysis), Trident’s patented DSP engine.
Taking full advantage of this signal processing technology ensures that each Trident plug-in aligns with the original brand and provides the most efficient and least processor-demanding plug-ins available today, which means that multiple instances of Trident plug-ins can be run at any time with the least possible negative effect on your computer’s performance.
In today’s recording environment, many in the recording world are fully employed in the digital realm. We believe that working in the digital sphere should not be expensive for those who prefer to work with one of the most iconic equipment in the history of music production.
With a rich history of analog recording dating back more than 50 years, Trident Audio Developments is ideally suited to offer new Trident Digital Editions plugins that bridge the gap between analog and digital recording while accurately recreating the historic analog hardware of yesterday for the digital realm. Trident Digital Editions gives them the opportunity to work with the legendary hardware with which so many classic hits have been released.

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