Tritik – Flaw 1.0.1

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Year / Date of Release : 09.2021
Version : 1.0.1
Developer : Tritik Developer
site : tritik
Format : VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : present | R2R
System Requirements : Win 7 or later, and a VST or VST3 host or Pro Tool.
Description: Sound effects developer Tritik has great audio creations. The Krush plugin is one of the best bit guards out there and it’s completely free! The rest of the plugins share the same minimalist aesthetic and smart thinking. The newest addition is Flaw, which aims to create Lo-Fi from overdrive, filters, modulation, reverb and noise. So this is not a repetition of Krush, but something else that might be perfect for your projects.
Tritik can change your sound quite a bit, but it never gets really violent. There are other tools for this too – for example, the excellent Rift distortion plugin from Minimal Audio. Flaw makes five separate types of effects work together to create hazy lo-fi sound:
Modulation section with waveform and velocity control.
Lo-fi reverb with a distinct character.
Noise section with tape, vinyl and crackles.
Drive Control for extra crunch and warmth.
You can adjust the speed and vibration settings to trigger vibrato and effects similar to wah and flutter. Sometimes a fresh take on familiar sounds is all it takes to make things interesting, and Flaw has it. LoFi Reverb with Mix, Size and Width controls doesn’t sound exactly what you would expect from a reverb, but it’s cool!
The noise section generates those tape, vinyl and crackling artifacts that instantly add nostalgia to any track. Just mix it in a little to make it sound less predictable. The filter helps this by suppressing noise, and its amplitude can be controlled using an automatic envelope follower. There are high and low frequency controls in the filter compartment – there is no resonance, but you can increase the Drive. The last two controls allow you to balance between dry and processed signal.
The combination of these individual effects produces a wide variety of sounds.

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