uJAM – Usynth Bundle

Make more music :
Synthesizers are modeled after UJAM – sound design and ease of execution. Say hello to a new universe of creative expression! No more scrolling through hundreds of presets in a regular synth looking for the perfect starting point for a lead, or spending hours working on a single patch that you’ll only use for 4 bars of an entire song. The faster you create, the faster you will improve as a producer.

What you get
Powerful essentials !
DRIVE is free but fully functional and similar to all other Usynth games. Consider this our gift to friends old and new. Download now and create amazing synth tracks in minutes.
Bright keys of the soul !
These organic, warm fragrances breathe soul and warmth, enriched with inspiring sequences and soothing effects. From Neo Soul to RnB, Top 50 Pop to Hip Hop, give your tracks a soothing vibe and bliss.
USYNTH 2080 :
Future Retro Waves !
Usynth 2080 makes it faster and easier than ever to create a variety of synthwave sounds. No knowledge of digital sound theory or sound design principles is required to get fantastic results with little to no hassle.
Universal studio equipment !
If you could only take one Usynth title with you to a deserted island, it would have to be the one. Extensive collection of basic synthesizer sounds. From basses to policies, from solos to arpeggios. This is a universal Swiss knife for all occasions.
Electronic dance !
Usynth Euphoria lets you create both furious and lyrical lead EDM synths faster than ever, without filtering through tons of context menus, waveforms, and shaping tools that are too complex to fully utilize. Everything about electronic dance music is fair game!
, sweet and warm !
Usynth Caramel comes with all the rich, juicy pad sounds you could ever want. Creating fabulous ambient soundscapes is easy and the hard work is done behind the scenes (wavetable selection, unison, effects and more), which means less time spent on sound design and more time spent completing songs!

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  1. This doesn’t work. It wants me to sign in to the UJAM app and then fails to open the window. I am left with a blurred GUI. Any fix?

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