uJAM – Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE v2.1.0 (WIN/OSX)

From pure funk to indie rock. SPARKLE 2 Virtual Guitarist is your specialist for single-note electric guitar chords, octaves and riffs. A true team player who doesn’t draw everyone’s attention to himself, supporting your songs with just the right amount of swagger and style.

Link updated: Added version for MacOSX

For Windows users :
1. Run uJAM Virtual Guitarists SPARKLE2 v2.1.0 CE.exe

For MacOS users :
1. Open VG-SPARKLE2.dmg
2. Run the Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE 2 Downloader , which will start downloading the installation package (~8Gb) to the Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE 2 directory , which will be automatically created in the Downloads folder . 3. After downloading the package, the Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE 2 2.1.0 (249).pkg
installer will automatically launch. Install. 4. After installation, run uJAM VG-SPARKLE v2.1.0 patch.pkg .

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