UVI – Nagoya Harp (SOUNDBANK)

Our goal in developing the Nagoya Harp was to create an instrument that would satisfy both traditionalists and modern producers alike, while delivering the accurate and convincing sound of a classic instrument. as well as delving into new territory with advanced playing techniques, scripts and effects to inspire musicians. all backgrounds. Nagoya Harp is a collection that transcends genre with over 20,000 samples, created for those who love beautiful traditional tones and for modern avant-garde explorers.
to work with the bank you need UVI Falcon tool DOWNLOAD
Notes: I used google translate for the description, I would appreciate a better version.

Copy the license file from the R2R folder with the R2RUVI extension to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R Copy the
library with the ufs extension where it is convenient, add the path to the library in the Falcon settings (preferences \ soundbank).
After adding the library, a restart of the UVI Falcon tool is required.

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