VOX – HyperPop Vocals (WAV)

VOX HyperPopVocals

HyperPop Vocals is a collection of vocal drops, adlibs, effects, phrases and hooks from singer, songwriter and producer Dominic. The vocal piece glistens like a freshly glazed donut with sprinkles and whipped cream inside. It’s sweet, tantalizing, it will give you a boost of energy and you’ll be obsessed from the first taste.
No one does it quite like Dominique, with her distinct vocal tone, mastery of pop music production, and ability to effortlessly write catchy melodies and strong lyrics. This pack will do all the work for you with its endless creativity and awesome addictive potential to turn your next entry into a hit.
For each uniquely processed sample, you will find its clean and processed counterpart. Dominique gives the producer complete control with the ability to change the sound shape and rotate as he sees fit. Each vocal hook comes with a lead, stacked, tuned and processed version of the sample so you can overdub, switch or highlight your favorite sounds.
It’s hyper, it’s pop, it’s hyperpop.


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