Zenhiser – Lofi Hip Hop (WAV)

Blending elements from several sub-genres of hip-hop, this collection features vinyl-drenched melodic loops, tight, crunchy beats, swirling vocal effects loops, broken synths and drum machine beats. The creation process is simple: use hip-hop-inspired equipment such as the Akai MPC controller and classic drum machines to create a package based on the true feel and movement of this disciplinary genre, then pair it with modern resampling and programming techniques. The result of this merger is the Lofi Hip Hop package, which challenges your current thoughts and pushes you to enter a new realm of sonic voodoo.

Drum Hits – 04 Mixed Percussion – 07
Loops – Bassline – 46
Loops – Drum Beat – 218
Loops – Full Mix – 50
Loops – Synth – 100
One Shots – FX – 33
Total Samples – 590
Tempo -87bpm – 164bpm

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