2CAudio – Aether v1.6.1

Overview of Aether

Aether is an award-winning, high-quality algorithmic reverb known for its excellence in music, film, television, and game productions. It has gained popularity among millions of listeners worldwide and is recognized as a leader in traditional reverb design.

Features of Aether

Aether offers a range of exceptional features, making it a versatile tool for music production:

  1. Two Engines in One: Aether functions as two plug-ins in one, with both an Early Reflections Engine (ER Engine) and a Late Reflections Engine (LR Engine).

  2. Diverse Space Type Models: The Discrete Early Reflections engine boasts 33 Space Type Models, allowing you to create a variety of reverberation effects.

  3. Unique Late Reflections Engine: Aether’s Late Reflections Engine offers unrivaled capabilities and includes features like Attack & Sustain Envelope, Variable Q Damping Decay Curve, and Spectral Modulation for sublime and versatile space.

  4. User-Friendly GUI: A world-class GUI design ensures that critical information is presented intuitively, making it easier for you to control and customize the reverb effect.

  5. High-Quality Processing: Aether provides 2x and 4x Oversampling, Double Precision 64bit DSP, and support for 64bit Host/OS systems, ensuring top-notch audio quality.

  6. Flexible Control: It offers various modes, including Mid-Side modes, Cascade Control, Complex Stereo Modes, and Flexible EQ/Filter Routing, allowing you to fine-tune your reverb settings.

  7. Immediate Accessibility: Aether provides instant algorithm browsing and parameter accessibility, streamlining your workflow.

  8. Comprehensive Preset Management: It includes a comprehensive preset browser, making it easy to save and recall your preferred settings.

  9. Zero-Sample Latency: Aether ensures minimal latency, making it suitable for real-time applications.

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