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SugarBytes FXBundle -

We founded Sugar Bytes to make and provide the best instruments for all of our musical friends. Better sounding, better looking audio software that is easier to use and cheaper than anything out there. Simply great products that can do more with fewer buttons, that have more features with fewer instructions, that are just more fun and cheaper. Sugar Bytes Tools should save you time and money by giving you more creative freedom and inspiring everyone to make more music. Because music is the sugar in life’s coffee!

Description of packages (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
• Artillery2 v2.3.5 The concept is as simple as it is powerful: an arsenal of 28 effects can be assigned to zones on your keyboard. Then launch the effects with your keyboard! Artillery is just a great product that allows you to intuitively create insane orgies. As you become familiar with its capabilities, you will find yourself turning to Artillery more and more, whether on stage or in production.
• Effecttrix v1.5.7 is a professional multi-effect sequencer that has completely changed the way modern music is created. Simply put, by painting the sequencer with colored blocks, your tracks turn into fireworks. Loop, scratch, reverse and stretch – in real time and on the fly.
• Graindad v1.0.0it is a granular effect for high-quality real-time audio processing. Freeze, texture, or reorganize and slice your sound triggered by transients, clocks, or MIDI notes. A sophisticated modulation system with intelligent randomizers delivers amazing results. Filters, reverbs, delays and a Harvester running simultaneously complete the package.
• Looperator v1.1.0 Looperator slices your sound and turns it into something new. In the process, you can get rid of classics like filters and reverbs, as well as trippy manipulations with loops and vinyl. Looperator makes you sound like you’ve been working on your track for hours and hours, and in fact, all it took was the push of a button.
• Turnado v1.7.4comes with 8 knobs, each of which triggers an effect and changes it with a dial. It invites you to play and experiment with one or more effects. Customize 24 effects in expert mode. If you want it to be even more compact: in dictator mode, you can control all 8 effects at the same time with a single fader.
• WOW2 v2.2.6Everything you need in a filter box – and nothing more – in a compact GUI that gets you started right away. All 21 filters reproduce amazing analog sound with huge resolution and no distortion. From a singing crest to a cool 8-pole low pass filter, from a messy Diode MS to a gnarly 030, WOW2 has every filter you could want. And they all operate in vowel mode, displaying a wide range of humanoid sounds.

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