91Vocals – ME&U – R&B Vocals (WAV)

ME&U – RnB Vocals features premium RnB vocals, sweet pop licks and powerful improvisations. Discover a deep selection of sweet female vocals, from nineties RnB breakup songs to club riffs, delicate passages and oversampled vocal stacks. Handcrafted from conception to completion, from writing and arranging to engineering and vocals, the result is a detailed and inspired vocal collection.

All royalty-free original vocals feature Charley Stride’s sweet and soulful voice. Recorded and mixed by producer Luke Targett and the 91Vocals team using high quality microphones and standard equipment. Our favorite performances from the sessions in 5 different keys and tempos have been selected and refined. Dry and wet versions are included for maximum flexibility. Each cycle is carefully marked and fixed in tempo. Ideal for RnB, Pop and Trap or can be chopped and added to your productions.

Please note: This sample pack only contains vocals. All instrumental elements heard in the demo track are for illustration purposes only. Demo created by Luke Targett.

30 Vocal Hooks – 5 Keys & BPMs (Wet & Dry – 60 Total)
30 Vocal Phrases (Wet & Dry – 60 Total)
46 Short Vocal Phrases – 5 Keys & BPMs (Wet & Dry – 92 Total)
45 Vocal Adlib Loops ( Wet & Dry – 90 Total)
8 Stacked Vocal Phrases (Wet & Dry + Stacks – 40 Total)

Vocal Loops
11 Chopped Vocal Loops
10 Resampled Vocal Loops

Vocal One Shots
12 Vocal One Shots
7 Vocal Adlb One Shots
6 Vocal Impact FX

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