Accentize – Intelligent Audio Tools (Complete Bundle) v04.2023

Based in Darmstadt, Germany, Accentize develops advanced audio processing software using machine learning techniques.
After several years of academic research, we realized that there is a huge gap between current theoretical ideas and productive implementations available.

Our products are designed to fill this gap by applying intelligent algorithms to solve common audio processing problems.
Most of our currently available products focus on speech enhancement and restoration applications for post-production and content creation.

Description of the package (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
Chameleon2 v2.0.8 is an intelligent audio plug-in that uses artificial neural networks to evaluate and model the exact reverb content of any source recording. You can create a reverb profile in seconds and easily apply it to dry studio recordings.

DeRoom2 v2.0.3is a machine learning based audio plugin that reduces or eliminates reverb and room resonance in real time. The artificial neural network was trained on many different room scenarios to be able to separate the direct sound from the reflection components. Reverb and echo tails are automatically detected and then precisely suppressed or, if desired, completely removed. DeRoom is ideal for enhancing the quality and intelligibility of speech recorded in high reverberation environments.

DeRoomPro2 v2.0.7is a machine learning-based reverb removal audio plugin designed for professional use. The artificial neural network was trained on many different room scenarios to be able to separate the direct sound from the reflection components. The real-time processing scheme provides instant feedback on parameter changes and seamlessly integrates into your workflow without having to switch applications.

DialogueEnhance v2.0.4 is an intelligent automatic speech processing tool. You can use it to easily improve the quality of your voice recordings without having to adjust a lot of settings. The signal is processed by four different modules: Noise Reduction, Auto-EQ, Dynamic Reduction, Loudness Boost.

PreTube v1.1.2 is a machine learning based tube preamp emulation that will add subtle analog saturation to your instrumental or vocal recordings. The included artificial neural networks have learned to accurately mimic the behavior of real high-performance hardware circuits. Choose from three amps with different specifications to find the perfect sound for your project. PreTube is also a valuable addition to your mastering chain to add analog depth and warmth.

SpectralBalance v1.1.7is an intelligent equalizer plugin for dialogue recording. By continuously analyzing the audio signal, it automatically adapts its equalizer curve to correct spectral imbalances to achieve clear, neutral-sounding speech. The efficient workflow makes it a very useful and time-saving tool for professionals who have to deal with many different dialogs with individual spectral characteristics. In addition, SpectralBalance allows you to define custom EQ targets, making it a valuable aid for ADR matching.

VoiceGate2 v2.1.1is a machine learning based audio plugin that can be used to reduce noise from speech and vocal recordings in real time. An artificial neural network was trained on thousands of different audio recordings to study the features of human speech. The plugin can automatically adapt to any type of noise and allows you to easily control the amount of noise reduction you need. VoiceGate removes noise and cleans up your recordings in just a few clicks!

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