Acon Digital – Extract Dialogue v1.5.0

Overview of Extract:Dialogue 1.5 Plugin: Extract:Dialogue 1.5 is a powerful audio plugin designed to separate dialogue from various common types of background noise, including wind, rustling, traffic noise, hum, clicks, and pops. This plugin employs real-time processing and utilizes deep learning algorithms to achieve this separation automatically.

Features of Extract:Dialogue 1.5 Plugin:

  • Noise Separation: Extract:Dialogue 1.5 specializes in separating dialogue from background noise, making it a valuable tool for audio post-production.
  • Deep Learning Algorithm: The plugin’s algorithm is based on deep learning and has been trained extensively on high-quality voice recordings and common noise sources. This training enables the artificial intelligence to automatically distinguish dialogue from noise without user intervention.
  • Ease of Use: Extract:Dialogue 1.5 is designed for simplicity. Users can easily add it to their dialogue bus and let it work its magic, making it accessible even for those without extensive audio engineering experience.
  • Phase Correction: Version 1.5 introduces a new artificial intelligence model capable of correcting phase distortion and destructive interference between dialogue and noise signals. This results in a more natural sound, especially when dealing with noise that covers the entire frequency spectrum.
  • CPU Efficiency: Version 1.5 is optimized for CPU efficiency, ensuring it can handle the separation process with reduced computational load.
  • Customizable Noise Detection: The plugin’s interface provides controls for adjusting noise detection sensitivity and maximizing noise reduction. Sensitivity can be adjusted independently across three frequency ranges, offering fine-tuned control.
  • Maximum Attenuation Control: Users can control the maximum attenuation, allowing them to reduce noise without completely removing it.
  • Full Automation: All parameters within the plugin are fully automated, simplifying the audio processing workflow.

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