Acustica Audio Plugins + Framework

Free Download Acustica Audio Plugins Bundle and Framework  Latest Version for Windows.

Overview of Acustica Audio Bundle:

The Black Bundle is a pack of our Black Volumes dedicated to preamp emulations that offer an authentic analog console sound. All Black Volumes use our innovative Acqua technology that will help you achieve amazing results with only a few simple clicks.

Features of Acustica Audio Plugins Bundle:

The Bundle includes the following Framework for plugins:
  • Acustica Diamond 3
  • Amber 3
  • Amethyst 4
  • Aquamarine 5
  • Arctic
  • Ash
  • Ash Ultra
  • Azure 2
  • Big Ceil
  • Black Bundle
  • Blond
  • Brown
  • Camel
  • Cerise
  • Cobalt 2
  • Coffee The Pun
  • Coffee
  • Coral 2
  • Coral Baxter
  • Diamond Dynamic Saturator
  • Diamond Lift 4
  • Diamond Transient Saturator
  • El Rey 1 & 2
  • Eminence
  • Fire The Pump
  • Gainstation 1 & 2
  • Gold 5
  • Green 4
  • Honey 3
  • Howie Weinberg Mastering Console
  • Ivory 5
  • Jade 2
  • Jet Bundle
  • Lava
  • Magic Flow
  • Maize
  • Midnight
  • Nickel
  • Pink 4
  • Pumpking Pro
  • Ruby 2
  • Salt
  • Sand 3
  • Sienna Bundle
  • Smoke
  • Snow
  • Sounda
  • Space Control
  • Taupe
  • Tulip
  • Ultramarine 4
  • Voxa
  • White 3

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Developer: Acustica Audio
  • Compatibility with our innovative Acqua technology
  • System specifications as recommended for optimal performance
  • System requirements: Wild, apparently
  • Bit depth: 32 | 64
  • Format: AAX, VST2, VST3
  • Bit depth: 32 | 64
  • Download Size: 18.93 GB

30 Comments on “Acustica Audio Plugins + Framework”

    1. good luck been trying 2days no luck you can try this info from othersite i found

      Windows 10/11
      Right-click on the Start Button
      Select “System” from the context menu.
      Click “Advanced system settings”
      Go to the “Advanced” tab
      Click “Environment Variables…”
      Click variable called “Path” and click “Edit…”
      Click “New”
      Enter the path to the folder containing the binary you want on your PATH. For example, to add Acustica, add:C:\Program Files\Acustica\Framework

      1. not yet installed myself, but found info below from nfo and forum posts on a different site

        Confirm the installation of Acustica Audio Framework

        If this is first time for you installing Acustica Audio 2023 releases by R2R,
        install and test this release first before installing this release:


        After you make FireThePump working, there should be no problems installing this release.

        Simple way to install below

        1. Add path into enviroment variables C:\Program Files\Acustica\Framework

        2.install the w_dpcpp_cpp_runtime_p_2024.0.0.49848.msi

        2.A make the folder C:\Program Files\Acustica\Framework put Framework-R2R files in C:\Program Files\Acustica\Framework

        3. install your chosen format eg .vst3 remember common data for plugin must be in same folder as the .vst3 common data can be found in !COMMON

        example make folder for this plugin C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Acustica\FIRETHEPUMP\

        FIRETHEPUMP .. this is common data folder created inside the plugin folder

        4. execute Make_APPDATA_Acustica_Dir.cmd to make appdata to store user saved presets

        finished go make music 🙂

  1. also there has been an update release for the black volumes, the original release had some errors, so this will also need to be updated / downloaded

  2. R2R is great and all, but what a messy convoluted installation process . all said and done, these plugins arent anything special compared to others from top developers anyway . not worth the storage space, resources, hassle and potential troubles it can and will cause your system . you can get much better plugins that weigh in under 50mb with pre-activated one click installation or you can install this nightmare that is 8gb entry fee and then much, MUCH more GB’s when adding additional AA plugins .

    Thank you but no . Just sayin 😉

    1. yeah, anyone who is desperately trying to install this and is struggling, probably not worth your time. i got the crack to work and have a few of their plugins but it honestly isn’t anything you guys haven’t seen many times before. i guess if you are a vst junky like me who wants to try all the new stuff out then go for it, but these plugins really aren’t special.

  3. I’ve worked on this install for 3 days now. Followed every instruction but the plugins open with a black screen in Studio One. It can’t be this difficult, especially when you follow the installation instructions step by step.

  4. where do you install the COMMON folder?? because when I launch the plugin it doesn’t start and crashes Ableton live 11. I’m lost on the installation. Please help

    1. Make a folder in your folder VST3 and call it acustica audio. Store all your acustica vst 3 files in that folder. Store also the common files in the acustica audio folder that you created. If you use AAX then do the same in the Avid folder. Just put every acustica vst3 or AAX in one folder that you create (and also the common files).

  5. I installed the first version. The framework needs to be installed.Create a folder in appdata roaming and name it Acustica.Copy the
    DLL files from the R2R folder in Windows\system32.Now check which VST you are going to install. For example Salt VST3. It is useful if you create a folder in program files common files vst3, and name it acustica. Then copy all the files from the VST3 folder and place it in the acustica folder. Also copy all files from !common folder, into the same acustica folder in vst3. This way you can place all plugins one by one in the same acustica folder in C: program files common files vst3. These are large files. Once you have installed everything, you can move the vst Acustica folder to an external drive and place a symbolic link.

  6. I have them running fine i just download the versions that name repack i install framework and runtime they work without copy any dll files to system32 directory

  7. Ive heard some people say that acoustica aquas run at different specific sample retes is it true because i have a account with plenty ligit ones and each time i try to install them i dont see any samplerates in the dropdown box all i see is vst vst3 aax n4 nothing about sample rates these are not nebula libraes they are aqua plugins with algorythm to tell your daw what samplerate you are working with the trials is just the same commercial product with a temporary licesence acoustica would never build two of the identical product one for commercial and one for trying so lets stop this nonsense and get on with the release

    1. have you successfully installed any other AA vst? or is this the first attempt? have you downloaded the repack version, or trying to install using the bundle download?

  8. May you please consider making the following available:

    1. Silver Collection
    2. Navey
    3. Sunray
    4. Purple
    5. Pensado
    6. Indigo, and
    7. Lime

    Thanks in advance.


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