Algonaut – Atlas 2 v2.3.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3 x64

Turn samples into music !
The most creative combinations of sound and rhythm. Create your best beats.
The Atlas 2 drum machine and sample manager offers new features such as a fast and powerful drum sequencer, a sample variation/humanization engine, and a new content browser that makes it easy to manage and recombine drum kits and sequencers. In addition, there are hundreds of small improvements in every aspect of the original Atlas.


Export to MIDI and audio loops.
Built for drums, fast and flexible. The best parts of the step sequencer and the piano roll have merged into one.
Quickly combine and modify existing sequences to create new ones in your style.
Drag import MIDI files. The original timing has been preserved.
Mix and match step times for triplets and quick fills.
Polyrhythm for creating complex rhythms.
Write it down. Play live.
Mirror editing to save repeated mouse clicks.
MIDI output for playing other plugins or equipment.
Easily export sequences and control Atlas from your DAW when it’s time to arrange a song.

Changelog v2.3.0
Modulation Parameters Velocity to Parameter Modulation: Use note velocity to affect parameters such as filter and pitch. Useful for more natural beats and creative effects.
Tip 1: Turn off “Velocity -> Gain” so you can actually hear what other mods are doing when they change.
Tip 2: You can have a negative modulation that will keep the parameter at its normal value at full velocity, but lower it at lower velocity. This is different from many synths, but is natural for drum sounds.
Advanced Sample Panel – The user interface has been redesigned to include tabs. Lots of new space for… things.
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where sometimes samples would not load at the correct pitch when the DAW sample rate was not 44,100
. Offline mode now has hotkeys for undo, redo.

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